Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

Please check out the links below for the latest news, analysis, and updates concerning the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget. To learn more about how Trump’s budget would harm your state, check out our state fact sheets. 

Statements and Letters to Congress

Trump’s Budget Would Harm Workers, Consumers, Women, and Families. Congress Will Be Held Accountable. (CHN, 4/5/2017)

President Trump’s budget poses grave danger to wellbeing of hard-working poor and low-income people—and the nation’s economy (CLASP, 3/17/17)

Statement from the Coalition on Human Needs on President Trump’s Newly Released Budget Request: Fairness, Progress and Greatness Trumped in Partial Budget; Investments in People Scarified (CHN, 3/16/17)

Press Release from Diane Yentel, President and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, on President Trump’s Budget Request (NLIHC, 3/16/17)

Statement from the National Education Association President: Trump budget deprives students of opportunity (NEA, 3/16/17)

Press Release from the National Employment Law Project on President Trump’s Budget Proposal (NELP, 3/16/17)

Statement from Robert Greenstein, President of the Center for Budget and Public Priorities, on President Trump’s Budget Request: Trump Budget Harms Those He Promised to Help (CBPP, 3/16/17)

Press Release from the Economic Policy Institute: Congress should reject President Trump’s proposal to cut the Labor Department’s budget (EPI, 3/16/17)

Press Release: The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Slams Trump Budget Blueprint (TLC, 3/16/17)

Statement from Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, CEO and executive director of MomsRising, on the Trump Administration’s budget blueprint: Trump’s Priorities are Not America’s Priorities (MomsRising, 3/16/17)

Statement from the National Priorities: What if We Took $54 Billion From the Pentagon, Instead? (NPP, 3/16/17)

Press Release: Legal Services Corporation Confident of Bipartisan Support in Congress Despite President Trump’s Call to Defund (LSC, 3/16/17)

Statement from the American Bar Asssociation President regarding Eliminated Funding for the Legal Services Corporation (ABA, 3/16/17)

Statement from the National Legal Aid & Defense Association President on the Administration’s Budget and the Proposed Elimination of the Legal Services Corporation (NLADA, 3/16/17)

Statement from the National Consumer Law Center: Trump Reverse Robin Hood Budget Would Kill Bipartisan Programs that Protect Vulnerable Seniors, Veterans, Working Families (NCLC, 3/16/17)

National Coalition on Aging Statement on the Trump Administration Budget Blueprint (NCOA, 3/16/17)


News, Analysis & Updates

Trump’s budget priorities are toxic to American families (9 to 5, 4/13/2017)

Human Needs Report: President Trump and Congress Look Ahead to FY18 Budget (CHN, 4/3/17)

Trump Budget Would Cut Block Grants Dramatically, Underscoring Danger of Block-Granting Social Programs
 (CBPP, 3/28/201)

President Trump’s “Skinny Budget”: Putting Women’s Health Last (NWLC, 3/17/17)

Donald Trump’s Budget Leaves Vulnerable Families Out in the Cold (NWLC, 3/17/17)

President Trump’s “Skinny Budget”: Putting Families Last (NWLC, 3/17/17)

Trump Is Trying to Shift the Entire Budget Conversation to the Right. Don’t Let Him (TalkPoverty, 3/21/17)

Trump FY18 Discretionary Budget Cuts: First Look (CHN, 3/16/17)

Trump’s “Skinny” Budget Omits Most of the Budget (CBPP, 3/16/17)

What Trump cut in his budget (Washington Post, 3/16/17)

If you’re a poor person in America, Trump’s budget is not for you (Washington Post, 3/16/17)


Legal Service Corporation Fact Sheet and Talking Points (NLADA, 3/16/17)

List of Social Assistance Programs for Low-Income Families (NWLC, 2/5/17)