Action Alerts

Tell Your Members of Congress: Vote on These Urgent Matters Before They Recess
Tell Congress: In light of Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, and Dallas – and in view of what communities of color are going through, don’t recess until you do your job.

Tell Your Members of Congress: Vote for the Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act
Flint can’t wait any longer. For two years, the water coming from the taps in Flint, Michigan homes has been toxic. Thousands of children in Flint now risk serious damage because of exposure to lead. This is a disaster – a public health emergency. Most people in Flint still cannot safely drink, bathe, or cook using tap water, even though national attention has been focused on this crisis. Tell your Senators to vote for lead poisoning prevention funding in S.2848, the Water Resources Development Act, or in any other legislative vehicle – and to insist that Senate leadership put it up for a vote NOW.  And tell your Representative to insist that safe drinking water for Flint and other communities come up for a House vote too. Click here to take action.

Tell Congress: Support the People’s Budget!
House leaders are considering a budget that would drastically weaken essential programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP/food stamps; repeal Obamcare; cut taxes for the rich; and increase Pentagon spending. But the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has offered an alternative budget resolution to the “austerity” budgets supported by the House Majority and Speaker Ryan.

Tell Congress to invest in America and support the People’s Budget.Take Action with National and State Census Poverty Data.
In addition to releasing a national Census poverty data report, CHN has worked with partner organizations in nearly 20 states to prepare and release state reports using the latest Census Poverty Data. CHN has created tools to share the data and take action over social media. Specifically, we urge organizations and individuals to target members of Congress in each state and contact local media. If you are interested in writing letters to the editor or op-eds and would like assistance from CHN, please contact Kelly Wilkins at

Stand for What’s Right: Sign SAVE letter
The right way to Strengthen America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All: Tell Congress to pass a budget that invests in people and communities, prevents poverty, hunger and homelessness, requires the rich and corporations to pay their fair share, and stops Pentagon waste. Our message is badly needed, because powerful members of the new Congress have voiced support for slashing funding and permanently reducing the capacity of basic low-income programs to meet need; dramatically reducing most kinds of federal spending; cutting taxes for upper-income individuals and corporations, and increasing Pentagon spending. Take action and add your organizations name now.

Please read and sign the SAVE for All letter, if you represent a local, state, or national organization. 



If you would like to post an action, please contact Melissa Roark at