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Tell Your Senators and Representative: Stop the Cuts. Pass a Spending Bill that Invests in Basic Living Standards and Fundamental Human

Congress is in the final stages of negotiating a spending bill for the remainder of the current fiscal year. For years, human needs programs have been left starved for funds, resulting in fewer working families receiving the investments and opportunities they need to thrive. Tell Congress: It’s time to pass a budget that works for us and reflects our priorities, with no poison pill policy add-ons that threaten health and workplace protections.

Tell Congress: We Need a Budget That Works for All

Our nation’s budget should reflect and respond to the needs of everyday individuals and families. How we spend money says a lot about our nation’s priorities and it is vital to securing our future and our children’s future. We need a budget that not just keeps us safe and secures us but also provides opportunities and gives us all the chance to succeed.

Add Your Organization to CHN’s Letter to the New Administration and Congress Reaffirming the Principles and Priorities of the Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All Campaign

The Coalition on Human Needs and hundreds of national, state, and local organizations are part of the Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All Campaign. SAVE for All agrees on four guiding principles- that federal priorities must (1) protect and assist low-income and vulnerable people; (2) invest in broadly shared economic growth and jobs; (3) increase revenues from fair sources; and (4) seek savings from reducing waste in the Pentagon and elsewhere. This campaign is currently circulating a sign-on letter for organizations addressed to the incoming Administration and Congress. There is also a petition for individuals to sign. You can read the full letter here: letter (pdf).




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