2017 Census and Poverty Data (Released September 2018)

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, the U.S. Census Bureau released the latest national data about income, poverty, and health coverage, which covers the year 2017. On Thursday, Sept. 13, state and local data was released. Bookmark this site as a repository of information and resources from the Coalition on Human Needs and our allies.

Resources from the Coalition on Human Needs:

First Look at Poverty and Health Insurance: Progress Slows for People in Need and Uninsured Americans

Sept. 6, 2018 Webinar: Poverty, Income, Health, and Work — What Can We Learn from the New Census Data?
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Additional Data and Resources

Income and Poverty in the United States: 2017
Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2017
The Supplemental Poverty Measure: 2017

State Poverty Snapshots (check back; more states will be added soon!)

Alaska Poverty Snapshot
Alaska Poverty Snapshot Infographics

Arizona Poverty Snapshot
Arizona Poverty Snapshot Infographics
Media coverage: Arizona Public News Service

Missouri Poverty Snapshot
Missouri Poverty Snapshot Infographics
Media coverage: St. Louis Public Radio

New Jersey Poverty Snapshot
New Jersey Poverty Snapshot Infographics
Media coverage: New Jersey Soundbite Services

Ohio Poverty Snapshot
Ohio Poverty Snapshot Infographics
Media coverage: Ohio Public News Service

Pennsylvania Poverty Snapshot
Pennsylvania Poverty Snapshot Infographics
Media coverage: Keystone News Service

Wisconsin Poverty Snapshot
Wisconsin Poverty Snapshot Infographics
Media coverage: Wisconsin Public News Service

CHN: Progress in Fighting Poverty Slows — and for the First Time in Years, the Number of Uninsured Americans Does Not Significantly Decline (09/12/2018)
Talk Poverty: Updated economic indicators map –includes data for poverty, unemployment, income inequality, educational attainment, gender wage gap, and race and ethnicity breakdowns for every state and Congressional district in the country (09/14/2018)
CBPP: Economic Security Programs Cut Poverty in Half Over Last 50 Years, New Data Show (09/14/2018)
NWLC: Resources on Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance in 2017 (09/14/2018)
CBPP: Renters’ Income Still Lagging Behind Housing Costs (09/13/2018)
Child Poverty Action Group: Despite Strong Economy, Census Data Show that Child Poverty Remains High (09/13/2018)
NWLC: Wage Gap for Women Does Not Budge for Two Years in a Row; Being a Woman Still Increases the Odds of Being Poor in America, and Number of Poor People Insured Holds Steady (09/12/2018)
CLASP: Children, Young Adults Stuck in Poverty — Census Data Show Millions Left Behind (09/12/2018)
CAP: New Census Bureau Data Show Too Many Everyday Families Being Left Behind in the Trump Economy (09/12/2018)
CBBP’s Greenstein: Health Coverage Progress Stalls — Even as Economy Reduces Poverty, Boosts Income (09/12/2018)
CBPP’s Bernstein: New Census Data Show that Low-Income People Are Responding as They Always Do to Tight Labor Markets…by Working! (09/12/2018)
CBPP: Programs Eyed for Cuts Keep Millions from Poverty (09/12/2018)
CBPP: Health Coverage Progress Stalled (09/12/2018)
CAP: What the 2017 Census Data Won’t Show About Families Struggling in the Trump Economy (09/06/2018)
Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity: Small Improvements in Poverty Rate, Median Income: Reactions to the 2018 Census Data (09/12/2018)
EPI: Why punitive work-hours tests in SNAP and Medicaid would harm workers and do nothing to raise employment (07/27/2018)
EPI: Why Punitive Work-Hours Tests in SNAP and Medicaid Would Harm Workers and Do Nothing to Raise Employment (07/26/2018)
Niskanen Center: Do We Really Want Expanded Work Requirements in Non-Cash Welfare Programs? (07/23/2018)
NWLC: By the Numbers: Data on Key Programs for the Well-Being of Women & Their Families (06/14/18)
CBPP: How Medicaid Work Requirements Will Harm People Who Are Experiencing Homelessness (04/18/2018)

2016 Census and Poverty Data

CHN Press Release: 2.5 Million Fewer Poor in 2016; Biggest 2 Year Decline in Poverty Since 1969
First Look: Poverty and Health Insurance, Progress We Need to Build On
CHN National Report: Poverty and Progress: Poverty is Down in the U.S., but New Threats Ahead