2018 Budget Sign-On Letter

The Trump budget: NO.

Organizations – Tell Congress: 
We need a budget that promotes opportunity and protects basic living standards.

Tell Congress: Support a budget that Organizations across the country were disheartened by the first round of cuts proposed by the Trump administration back in March. Affordable housing, education, afterschool and summer programs, legal services and home heating assistance for the poor, clean air and water – one after another, services eliminated or slashed.

We knew we had to tell Congress to reject the harm this budget would do.  So far, hundreds of groups nationwide have signed a letter calling for investments in our people and communities – not slashing cuts.

Now we’ve seen Trump’s budget in its entirety and it’s far worse.  We have updated the letter to show how its proposals would set our country back for generations.  Congress needs to hear from organizations across the country that our people need something altogether different.  So please:  have your organization stand together and sign.

The damage the budget would do to so many Americans is almost incalculable.  On top of the first cuts, the budget would cripple the federal capacity to deliver medical care and nutrition assistance to those in need.  It would slash assistance for people with disabilities. It guts environmental protections. Trillions of dollars in cuts to vital services, and for what?  To pay for enormous tax cuts for high income individuals and profitable corporations, for large increases for the Pentagon and for anti-immigrant enforcement.  NO.

A national letter has been drafted with the cooperation of many groups, to bring those with many different concerns together.  Click here to read the national letter and, we hope, sign here.

For certain targeted states there is a separate letter for you to sign, unique to your state. You will find the appropriate letter for you to sign below. You can sign the letter here.

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New York
West Virginia