Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

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Statements & Letters to Congress

Vote for the FY 2016 Omnibus and Tax “Extender” Legislation (CHN, 12/16/15)

The Sojourner’s Truth: Scandal (The Sojourner’s Truth, 11/05/15)

Remarks by the President at Signing of the Budget Act of 2015 (White House, 11/02/15)

National Education Association Letter to US House of Representatives (NEA, 10/27/15)

NDD United Letter to Congress (NDD, 10/27/15)

CBPP Statement: Greenstein: Budget Deal, Though Imperfect, Represents Significant Accomplishment and Merits Support (CBPP, 10/27/15)

CLASP Statement: The Budget Deal and Low-Income People: A Welcome Down Payment on Needed Investments (CLASP, 10/27/15)

Leadership Conference: Civil and Human Rights Coalition Supports Bipartisan Budget Deal (Leadership Conference, 10/27/15)

Reforming the Federal Budget Process: The Need for Action, Testimony before the Senate Committee on the Budget (CHN, 10/21/15)

Sample Press Release about Sequestration and Congress’s Work on Appropriations (CHN, 06/15/15)

Congressional Budget Resolution Letter to House of Representatives (CHN, 03/25/15)

SAVE for ALL 2015 Budget Letter to Congress (CHN, 03/24/15)

Press Release: 1,300 Groups Tell Congress to Pass a Budget that Invests in Shared Prosperity  (CHN, 03/24/15)

Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget Endorsement (CHN, 03/17/ 15)

Press Statement: House Budget Vague on Vital Tax Reform Questions, Clear on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy (CTJ, 03/17/15)

CBPP Statement by Robert Greenstein, President, On House Budget Chairman’s Plan (CBPP,  03/17/15)

CAP Statement: Despite New Rhetoric on Income Inequality, House Majority’s Budget Proposal Will Only Hurt Working- and Middle-Class Families, Says CAP’s Carmel Martin (CAP, 03/17/15)

Selected Human Needs Programs – Shrinking Funding Since 2010 (CHN, 03/09/15)

Press Release: Key Human Needs Funding Has Been Shrinking Since 2010, New Analysis Underscores Need to Reverse Cuts (CHN, 02/02/15)

News, Analysis, & Updates

The Deal’s Done: What’s in the Budget Agreement (Center for Effective Government, 10/30/15)

Sample Letters to the Editor about Sequestration and Congress’s Work on Appropriations (CHN, 06/08/15)

Sample Op-Ed about Sequestration and Congress’s Work on Appropriations (CHN, 06/16/15)

Funding for Appropriations Subcommittees, Proposed and Adopted House and Senate 302(b) Allocations (CHN, 05/21/15)

Voices for Human Needs Blog – Budget Archives

Congressional Budget Would Add Tens of Millions to Ranks of Uninsured (CBPP, 05/01/15)

How to slam the brakes on economic growth and the door on opportunity (The Hill, 03/27/15)

Human Needs Report: FY2016 Congressional Budget Resolutions Edition (CHN, 03/20/15)

Human Needs Report: President Obama’s FY2016 Budget Request (CHN, 02/09/15)

Budget Proposals Set the Stage for Cutting Access to Health Care. Again. (Families USA, 03/19/15)

Don’t Be Fooled by Small “Reconciliation” Savings Targets in House Budget Committee Plan (CBPP, 03/19/15)

Congressional Republican Leaders Claim to Support the Middle Class, but Their Budgets Only Work for the Wealthy Few (CAP, 03/18/15)

GOP Budget Proposal Once Again Punts Tough Questions (, 03/17/15)

Congressional Budget Roundup 2015: Everything You Need to Know About the House and Senate Budget Plans (CBPP, 03/17/15)

Balancing the Budget in Ten Years and No New Revenue Are Flawed Budget Goals (CBPP, 03/13/15)

FY2016 Budget Webinars

The New Congress and Federal Funding for Needed Services: What You Need to Know – Coalition on Human Needs
View webinar recording and slides

Budget’s are a Children’s Issue – Children’s Leadership Council
Click here to listen to the webinar recording


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