Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

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Statements & Letters to Congress

Human Needs Report: House & Senate Pass FY17 Budget (CHN, 01/17/2017)

Letter to Congress: Pass a Funding Bill without Delay, Address Human Needs Emergencies (CHN, 09/08/2016)

Letter to Congress Opposing Sen. McCain’s NDAA Amendment (Pentagon Budget Campaign, 06/08/2016)

House Budget Committee Resolution Would Block Grant and Cut SNAP, Making Hunger in America Far Worse (FRAC, 03/17/2016)

Statement: Coalition on Human Needs Condemns House Budget Proposal: Despite Speaker Ryan’s Vow on Poverty, Budget Blueprint Represents Unprecedented Attack on Low-Income Families (CHN, 3/16/2016)

Letter to House Budget Committee Opposing FY17 House Budget Resolution (CHN, 03/16/2016)

Letter to House Ways and Means Committee Opposing Bills H.R. 4722, 4723  (CHN, 03/15/2016)

Letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee Opposing Bills H.R. 4725 ( CHN 03/11/2016)

Despite Gains in FY16 From Lifting Sequester Caps, Most Human Needs Programs Have Lost Ground Since 2010 (CHN, 02/22/2016)

 9 Early Valentine’s Gifts for Working Families in the President’s Budget (CFED, 02/10/2016)

NETWORK Encouraged by President’s Budget, Disheartened by Congressional Response (NETWORK, 02/10/2016)

Statement: Coalition on Human Needs Praises President Obama’s FY17 Budget Request, Calls on Congress to Match Needed Investments in Human Needs Programs (CHN, 02/09/2016)

Statement: President Obama’s FY 2017 Budget Proposal Reinvests in the Middle Class, Charts a Fiscally Responsible Course Without Draconian Cuts (CAP, 02/09/2016)

Statement: Obama’s Budget – More Investment With More Deficit Reduction (CBPP, 02/09/2016)

Statement: President Obama’s Budget Makes Necessary Investments in Women & Families, Says NWLC (NWLC, 02/09/2016)

National Priorities Project Statement On President Obama’s Last Budget Proposal (NPP, 02/09/2016)

News, Analysis, & Updates

Most Human Needs Programs Have Lost Ground Since 2010, and Stand to Lose More in FYs 2017 and 2018 (CHN, 2/28/2017)

The High Cost of Ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (CAP, 11/18/2016)

Introduction to Budget Reconcilliation (CBPP, 11/9/2016)

87 Percent of Cuts in House “Sidecar” Package Come from Low- and Moderate-Income Programs (CBPP, 05/17/2016)

House GOP Budget Gets 62 Percent of Budget Cuts From Low-and Moderate Income Programs (CBPP, 03/28/2016)

Congressional Progressive Caucus’ The People’s Budget Petition Surpasses 150,000 Signatures (Congressional Progressive Caucus, (03/23/2016)

Work Requirements for Medicaid Would Increase  Number of Uninsured (CBPP, 03/21/2016)

Competing Visions: How the New Budget Proposals Stack Up to American’s Priorities (NPP, 03/21/2016)

Voices for Human Needs Blog – Budget Archives

Fact Sheet: House Committees Cut Aid for Low-Income People in Bid to Attract Support for House Budget Resolution (CHN, 03/18/16)

With Deep Medicaid Cuts, GOP Guts Access to Healthcare (Families USA, 03/18/2016)

Greenstein: House Budget Would Mean More Poverty, Inequality, and Hardship (CBPP , 03/17/2016)

National Women’s Law Center:  The People’s Budget: A Down Payment on a Brighter Future  (NWLC, 03/17/2016)

3 Things to Know about Affordable Care Act Repayment Caps (Families USA, 03/16/2016)

Proposed Medicaid Block Grant Would Add Millions to Uninsured and Underinsured (CBPP, 03/16/2016)

What The House Budget Says About the Conservative Anti-Poverty Rhetoric (Talk Poverty, 03/16/2016)

A Federal Budget that Connects the Dots and Works for All (CHN in The Huffington Post, 03/10/2016)

Since 2010, Human Needs Programs Suffer Congress’ Budget Ax (CHN in The Hill, 2/29/2016)

President Obama’s FY17 Budget: Investing in Women and Their Families (NWLC, 02/24/2016)

President’s Budget Boosts Funding to Fight Deep Poverty (CBPP, 02/09/2016)

Five Things We Like About the President’s Budget (NWLC, 02/09/2016)

Medicaid Expansion: The President’s Proposal to Beat the Buzzer (NWLC, 02/09/2016)

A Missed Opportunity to Reject the Hyde Amendment (NWLC, 02/09/2016)

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