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Monday, Oct. 1: Protect Immigrant Families Rapid Response Webinar

Sept. 6, 2018: Poverty, Income, Health, and Work — What Can We Learn from the New Census Data?

April 24, 2018: Strategies to Stop SNAP Proposals that Take Away Food Assistance from Millions

April 19, 2018: How Benefit Cuts Impact People with Disabilities; How to Fight Back (Note: This webinar recording includes ASL interpreting and closed captioning. In order to fully view the webinar, you may need to download the free-of-charge Abdobe flash player. You can download it here.)

March 21, 2018: Work Requirements Don’t Work: What’s At Stake & What Can We Do?

February 14, 2018: The Trump Budget: What you need to know.

November 8, 2017: The Hugely Important Upcoming Tax Cut Battle & Why it Matters

September 12, 2017: Stop Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Corporations to Protect Working Families

September 7, 2017: Using the New Poverty, Income and Health Insurance Data:  A Practical Guide

July 18, 2017: The 2020 Census: Why Ensuring An Accurate and Fair Count Matters

March 21, 2017: Trump’s Plan to Cut Human Needs Programs

December 2016: The New Congress – How it Plans to Cut and How to Fight Back

November 2016: Special Post-Election Friday Advocates Meeting

September 2016: Using the New Poverty Data

June 2016: What Works – and What Doesn’t – To Reduce Poverty and Expand Opportunity (Live Event)

May 2016: Child Lead Poisoning- Preventable Harm

December 2015: $2.00 a Day – Living on Almost Nothing in America

October 2015: Left Behind – Poverty and the Federal Budget (hosted by National Priorities Project)

September 2015: Using the New Poverty Data

June 2015: Stopping Federal Cuts – Why and How

June 2015: Community Voices: Why Nutrition Assistance Matters Campaign Kickoff

January 2015: The New Congress and Federal Funding for Needed Services: What You Need to Know

The Federal Budget

October 2015: Left Behind – Poverty and the Federal Budget (hosted by National Priorities Project)

January 2015: The New Congress and Federal Funding for Needed Services: What You Need to Know

April 2014: The Ryan Budget: Who Wins, Who Loses, Who’s Got a Better Idea?

December 2013: What’s in the New Budget Deal…and What’s Not

March 2013: Seriously Important Federal Budget Choices: What’s Next?

January 2013: Fiscal Cliff Notes: What You Need to Know about What’s Happened so Far, And What Comes Next (1/28/13)

April 2012:  Impact of Looming Budget Cuts on Low-Income Families, our Communities, and our Economy: Tools and Resources to Help You Fight Back (4/10/12)

November 2011: Emergency Update with Senator Al Franken (11/16/11)

October 2011: Deficits, Domestic Programs and Pentagon Spending (10/27/11)

August 2011: The Deficit Deal Explained (8/18/11)

June 2011 : Webinar: Stop the Slashing (6/7/11)

April 2011 : Extreme Federal Budget Threats (4/12/11)

March 2011 : Stories Behind the Cuts (3/14/11)

February 2011 : A Better Budget for All (2/25/11)

August 2010 : Deficit Fever Webinar (8/19/10)

February 2010 : The President’s Budget Explained (2/18/10)

April 2009: President Obama’s First Budget

The Federal Budget Explained: Updates and Actions (4/7/09)

March 2009: The Path to Rebuild and Renew America Now (3/5/2009)

February 2008: President Bush’s Last Budget – Why it Matters, and What’s Next? (2/7/2008)

November 2007: How to Add Billions for Needed Services (11/01/2007)

February 2007: What’s in the President’s FY ’08 Budget for Human Needs (2/8/2007)

January 2007: The Federal Budget: Why it Matters and How You Can Make a Difference (1/24/2007)

The Census

2014 Census Data: Using the New Poverty Data (9/09/15)

2013 Census Data: The New Poverty Data – Using it to Show What Works (and What Doesn’t) to Reduce Poverty (9/11/14)

2012 Census Data: Using the New Poverty Data (9/10/13)

2011 Census Data: Using the New Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Data (9/6/13)

2010 Census Data: Wake Up Call to the Nation: How to Use the New Poverty and Health Insurance Data (9/8/11)

2009 Census Data: How to Use Important New Poverty, Income and Health Insurance Data (9/7/10)

2007 Census Data: Time for a Shared Recovery: Using the 2007 Census Data to Show the Harmful and Needless Persistence of Poverty (8/19/08)

2006 Census Data: Using the 2006 Poverty, Income and Health Insurance Data to Make the Case for Human Needs (8/21/07)

The Economy

February 2014: Why We Should Raise the Minimum Wage with Senator Tom Harkin

Special Briefing Call: New Findings from the Ms. Foundation’s 2011 Poll, Community Voices for the Economy
With special guest speaker Celinda Lake (4/29/11)

Jobs: A Webinar on What the Federal Government Must Do January 28, 2010
Sponsored by organizations who are part of Jobs for America Now.

Advocating for Jobs and Economic Recovery Legislation  January 6, 2009
Sponsored by USAction & CHN

The Economic Crisis: How we Got into this Mess.
What We as a Nation and as Advocates Can Do About It. 

(To view the webcast and scroll through the presentation slides simultaneously first click to view the webcast then click for the presentation slides. Minimize and adjust the window with the presentation slides so that you can see the webcast on the same screen.)

Towards Shared Recovery (4/25/2008)

Tax Policy

Taxes for the Common Good: What You Need to Know (6/11/09)
Audio Briefing:
(Note: Unfortunately, due to technical problems the full briefing is not available)

  • Joan Entmacher, NWLC, discusses the negative impact unfair tax policies have produced in recent years and reviews a set of progressive revenue raising policies that would benefit the common good.
  • Alison Goldberg, Wealth for the Common Good, reviews effective strategies to mobilize business leaders and wealth spokespeople for tax fairness.

Presentation Slides:

Food & Nutrition

June 2015: Community Voices: Why Nutrition Assistance Matters Campaign Kickoff

December 8, 2009: One in Six Americans is in a Struggle Against Hunger

Civic Engagement

Do’s and Don’ts for Nonprofits in an Election Year (11/31/12)