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 • Tell Your Senators: Vote No on Slashing Services to Pay for Tax Cuts

The Senate is expected to vote on its budget during the week of October 16.  Please tell your Senators to vote no, for these big reasons:

  • To pay for massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations, the budget assumes more than $5 trillion in cuts to government services over the next decade. Cuts this huge will threaten most domestic programs – Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, assistance for people with disabilities, low-income tax credits, SNAP/food stamps, public health, housing, education, childcare, road repair…you name it.
  • Don’t be fooled:  these massive tax breaks will NOT spur huge economic growth or create a lot of jobs.  Take it from Tom Steyer, a billionaire former investor:  “Tax cuts for wealthy people haven’t helped anyone except wealthy people.  There is no trickle down.”  The letter says you want to invest in our future, not threaten it.

• We have a real disaster, we don’t need a self-inflicted one.

Congress is returning on September 5, and it has a lot to do before the end of the month.  If the President and Congress cannot agree on carrying out their basic responsibilities, we face the dual fiscal disasters of partial government shutdown and default on debts the government has already incurred.  Congress should do what’s needed to avert those disasters without delay, so they can start to provide emergency help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Please send emails to your two Senators and Representative!

Tell Congress to respond to the real disaster; don’t inflict new ones.

• Over 1,500 groups signed a letter demanding that    Congress pass a budget that invests in all.

View the letter and see the signers. It’s not too late for your organization to sign the letter

Members of Congress are considering carrying out Trumpean budget cuts – slashing programs our communities rely on, including food aid through SNAP, rental assistance, safeguards for clean air and water, and even deeper cuts in Medicaid than those in the health care repeal.

The more than 1,500 groups, from every state, include faith groups, service providers, and experts and advocates concerned with children, seniors, women, workers, communities of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, the environment, education, housing, nutrition, and health.  They represent millions of people.

 Make Sure That Your Member of Congress Sees The Letter and Knows You Want to Stop the Cuts

Please take these actions (some or all):

If You Are On Social Media:

Tweet at your members of Congress. You can use the sample tweet below or create your own (do separate tweets for each of your senators and for your representative).

[insert your Senators’ and Rep’s twitter handle]  I’m a constituent and join with 1500 groups:  the budget should invest not cut: #HandsOff

Find Your Senators’ Twitter Handles

Find Your Representative’s Twitter Handle

Post on your Members of Congress’ Facebook walls using the language below (this works if you’re a friend.)

Dear [@Representative/@Senator], I agree with over 1,500 groups nationwide that signed a letter urging you to reject budget cuts that would hurt [your state’s name].  Please read the letter:  #handsoff the health, jobs, and future of millions.

If You Are Not on Social Media, you can still e-mail your members of Congress by clicking here. 


If you would like to post an action, please contact Brittany Burnam at