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Hands Off!


May 22, 2017

By now you probably have heard: the Trump administration tomorrow (Tuesday, May 23) will release its budget proposal for fiscal year 2018, which begins Oct. 1. We don’t know every detail of the proposal, but what we have seen leaked out in the media has us and every other proponent of basic living standards and Read More »

What Moms Don’t Need for Mother’s Day


May 11, 2017

Mother’s Day is this weekend, which means cards have been mailed, brunch reservations made, and flowers purchased. But we know what moms really need to make them, their families and our country healthier and more economically secure – affordable health care, paid leave and sick time, workplace protections, and other policies that support them. That’s Read More »

Human Needs Report: Advocates denounce ACA repeal bill, FY17 spending bill avoids a shutdown, FY18 budget work and more


May 8, 2017

CHN just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for articles on the House ACA repeal vote, the FY17 spending bill that avoided a shutdown, FY18 budgets, President Trump’s tax cut agenda and more. Click here for the full PDF of the Human Needs Report. Advocates Denounce House Passage of ACA Repeal Bill Read More »

It’s been a busy week


May 5, 2017

I’m sure you know:  yesterday, the House of Representatives disgraced itself by passing their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  We put out a statement, calling it “A Day of Shame for the U.S. House of Representatives.”  Of course, we were not alone.  Invaluable advocate and brilliant analyst Bob Greenstein of the Center on Read More »

CHN on Health Care Repeal Vote: ‘A Day of Shame for the U.S. House of Representatives’


May 4, 2017

Editor’s note: Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director of the Coalition on Human Needs, issued the following statement Thursday in response to the House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act: “Today’s cruel and unconscionable vote to deny health care to millions of Americans is one of the most destructive acts ever to emerge from Congress. Twenty-four million Read More »

‘Why would anyone want to diminish the access to health care we’ve been able to create?’


May 3, 2017

  Denise White-Jenkins of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was worried. Years ago, her daughter, a sophomore in college, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She was successfully treated, but in February, her daughter was approaching her 26th birthday, and she would no longer be able to be on her parents’ health insurance plan. And a month earlier, Read More »

Update: House may vote on Head-Smackingly bad Health Care Repeal soon – Tell your Rep to Vote NO


April 27, 2017

Last week, we put out a blog on the very bad health care repeal bill revived, zombie-style, by making it a lot worse. Speaker Ryan may be close to getting enough votes to pass it, but people around the country are fighting back. You should join them. Any representative should hear from his or her Read More »

Head Smacker: Buy my $1 health insurance! How to make a very bad bill worse


April 21, 2017

We’ve seen reports that House Republicans are continuing to work on changes to their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. For some of the most right wing members who opposed the bill, their excuse was that it wouldn’t reduce premiums enough. So a possible amendment has been talked about, drafted by Representatives Mark Meadows Read More »

Congress is home for recess – Time to talk!


April 10, 2017

It’s time to talk to your members of Congress! Representatives and Senators have left Washington for a two-week recess, April 7 – 23. During the last recess, the outpouring of outrage about repealing the health care law forced House Speaker Ryan to pull the bill – they didn’t have the votes. We can’t stop now Read More »

Human Needs Report: Advocates defeat ACA repeal bill, FY17 & FY18 spending work, Supreme Court confirmation and more


April 3, 2017

CHN just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for articles on what’s next for ACA repeal efforts, FY17 & FY18 budget and appropriations work, a Supreme Court confirmation vote and more. Click here for the full PDF of the Human Needs Report. Advocates’ Efforts Defeat ACA Repeal Bill Advocates celebrated Read More »