CHN: Articles from December 23, 2009

Articles from December 23, 2009
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Democrats Certain of Senate Passage of Health Reform
The final Senate vote on the health reform bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009, H.R. 3590, is scheduled for Christmas Eve at 8 a.m

Congress Fails to Extend the Estate Tax
On January 1, there will be no estate tax in 2010 unless Congress acts to reinstate it retroactively early in the New Year. 

Omnibus Appropriations Bill Funds Major Programs; Defense Bill Carries Important Extensions
Congress finishes work on FY 2010 spending bills.

House Passes a Jobs Bill; But Final Enactment Awaits the New Year
With 10 percent unemployment, there were hopes Congress could take quick action to invest in job creation before the end of 2009.

Climate Change Legislation in the Senate Waits Until Next Year
After stalling the in the Senate, advocates hope that tri-partisan efforts will lead to Senate action next year.

Debt Limit Must Be Raised Before the New Year
The Senate has agreed to take up the House-passed increase in the debt ceiling.


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