CHN: Advocates Respond to Supreme Court Confirmation

Advocates responded with concerns about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s October 6 confirmation (50-48) to the U.S. Supreme Court. In a statement released the day before the final confirmation vote in the Senate, CHN’s Executive Director Deborah Weinstein said, “His opinions and statements seek to limit the Affordable Care Act and would reduce protections for workers, voters, consumers, and people with disabilities, all of which would inflict outsized harm on poor and near-poor people.” The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said in a statement, issued following the confirmation vote, “Despite our heartache and frustration, we are inspired by everyone who came forward to tell their truths and everyone who fought for the values of fairness and justice. We are undeterred in our fight to protect and defend the civil and human rights of all people in this country.”

On September 7, CHN joined with 75 organizations in a letter urging senators to oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, saying, “The rule of law in a democracy requires vigilant defense of the rights of people without the advantages of wealth and power. Judge Kavanaugh’s record is instead on the side of powerful institutions and employers.” For more information on recent Supreme Court decisions that advocates have opposed, see the July 2 Human Needs Report.

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