CHN: Child Tax Credit Compromise Not Reached; Democrats, Advocates Keep Up Pressure

Supporters of two very different bills to speed up an increase in the child tax credit for 12 million children in low-income working families have come no closer to compromise since the legislation was passed in mid-June. The Senate version has a $10 billion price tag, which is offset by extending customs user fees. The $82 billion House version is not paid for and holds the child tax credit hostage to even more tax breaks to upper income families. House Republican leadership has been unwilling to compromise and a conference committee has not yet met.This week, House Democrats have introduced daily motions to instruct the conferees to pass the Senate version of the bill. These motions are identical to a motion that passed the House by a 205 – 201 vote on June 12, shortly after the House had approved the $82 billion package. Senate Democrats have also begun a series of seldom used parliamentary rules intended to increase pressure on Republicans in both chambers to revive the stalled bills. It is unclear if Congress can reach an agreement before the August recess. Nearly 12 million low-income children received no benefit from the child tax credit increase enacted earlier this year.

Advocate groups are pushing Congress to approve the Senate version by highlighting next Friday, July 25 as the date IRS will mail the child tax credit checks to eligible families. The Children’s Defense Fund, ACORN, Call to Renewal, the National Women’s Law Center, the Fair Taxes for All coalition and many other groups have been working on raising this issue through constituent letters, calls and visits to members of Congress, editorial and news stories, and rallies and press events around the country.

Call your representative and senators at the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 and tell them to pass the child tax credit for low-income families before the August recess. Tell them they should pass the Senate’s version of the child tax credit and should not hold the bill hostage to even more tax cuts for the wealthy.

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