CHN: Grassroots Organizing to Fight Social Security

President Bush has begun to campaign in several states to promote his proposal to privatize and partially dismantle the guaranteed benefits program under Social Security. Organizations opposed to this plan are a step ahead in mobilizing opposition. US Action, the Campaign for America’s Future and several other organizations have joined forces and are starting to place staff in key states to mobilize voters and arrange high-visibility events throughout the country.
The effort is to be led by task forces focusing on field organizing, research, communications, message, and federal lobbying. Advocates interested in participating in the field task force should contact Cassandra McKee with US Action at Those interested in participating in one of the other tasks forces can contact Adam Luna with the Campaign for America’s Future at

For more information about Social Security and about efforts to educate the public, see the Campaign for America’s Future’s Social Security web page. Other Social Security information can be found on CHN’s Social Security page. *** Need correct link here***

Social Security