CHN: House Republicans Postpone Vote On Head Start

On Thursday, July 17, House GOP leaders withdrew their Head Start reauthorization bill (HR 2210) rrom the House floor schedule, fearing a lack of sufficient votes for passage. This delay was largely due to the immense pressure leveled by Head Start advocates and a number of Democratic leaders on House members. Advocates charge the bill will dismantle Head Start by block granting the longtime successful program and handing it over to states without the necessary supportive safeguards and funding assurances.In a meeting with advocates on Friday, Congressman George Miller (D-GA) thanked advocates for all of their work that resulted in nearly 12,000 calls to legislators’ and governors’ offices last week and 75,000 letters. Congressman Miller urged advocates to continue pressuring their representatives and activating their grassroots networks in anticipation of the bill’s reintroduction on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Democrats are united against the bill and an increasing number of Republicans have also announced their opposition to (HR 2210).

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