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Andrew L. Yarrow is a senior fellow with the Progressive Policy Institute. He is the author of several recent books on economic security, including Thrift: History of An American Cultural Movement, and Measuring America: How Economic Growth Came to Define American Greatness in Late 20th-Century America.

If our children are so ‘precious,’ we must invest in them


January 3, 2018

Editor’s note: This piece was originally published by the San Francisco Chronicle on December 23, 2017. We often hear how “precious” a child is, what a “treasure” she is, and how our kids are “our greatest resource.” Neuroscientists tell us that ages 0-3 are the most critical years for cognitive, social and moral development. Economists and business Read More »

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Early childhood care undervalued in Maryland


November 27, 2017

Editor’s note: This piece was originally published by the Baltimore Sun on November 12.  When my son, now in college, started school in Maryland, he went to a private preschool, and only half-day public kindergarten existed. As for most young children in the United States, then and now, public early childhood education was unavailable. Full-day Read More »

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Fathers’ unemployment taking huge toll on children


May 9, 2017

This piece was originally published by the San Francisco Chronicle on April 27.  “After I got divorced in 1999, I had custody of my kids, but I went out of my way to drop them at their mother’s house over the weekends,” said a 47-year-old African American man in Baltimore. He lost his job during Read More »

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The “Price of Paying Taxes” Is Highest for Lower-Income Americans


April 19, 2016

This piece was originally published by Washington Monthly on April 18, 2016.  Tax day is upon us, and while most of us growl and bear the annual time (and money) spent on tax preparation, less attention has been paid to how the costs of tax compliance particularly hurt low-income workers. It’s bad enough that we collectively Read More »

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Health Care’s Coming Crisis: Out-of-Pocket Costs


February 17, 2016

This post was originally published by Washington Monthly on February 8, 2016.  Americans have a lot to gripe about when it comes to health care. But there is one very legitimate complaint: the rising cost of co-pays, deductibles, what individuals pay for insurance premiums, and other out-of-pocket (OOP) costs that has remained largely overlooked, thanks to Read More »

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What’s Happening to Failing White Men: Ten Numbers that Explain the Roots of White Male Rage


January 12, 2016

Amid all the largely disconnected discussions about angry white males, stagnant wages and inequality, fatherless families, and polarized politics, several striking linkages among these issues have largely gone unnoticed. Tens of millions of white men have been expelled or checked out from mainstream American life – a reality with profound consequences for our economy, our Read More »

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