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September 13, 2012


Webinar Slides and Presentations:

HEADING FOR A FISCAL CLIFF? Senator Murray Explains What Congress – and You – Must Do

New Proponomics Video, Episode 1:

Impact of Looming Budget Cuts on Low-Income Families, our Communities, and our Economy: Tools and Resources to Help You Fight Back (4/10/12)

Emergency Update with Senator Al Franken (11/16/11)

Deficits, Domestic Programs and Pentagon Spending (10/27/11)

CHN Webinar: Wake Up Call to the Nation: How to Use the New Poverty and Health Insurance Data(9/8/11)

CHN Webinar: The Deficit Deal Explained (8/18/11)

Domestic Human Needs Webinar (8/3/11)

CHN Webinar: Stop the Slashing (6/7/11)

RESULTS and the To Catch a Dollar Campaign Webinar: “The Budget Debate” (4/27/11)
Featuring Debbie Weinstein

CHN Webinar: Extreme Federal Budget Threats (4/12/11)

Half in Ten Webinar: Stories Behind the Cuts (3/14/11)

CHN Webinar: A Better Budget for All (2/25/11)

How-to Guides:

Advocacy Toolkits

Other Resources:

The Nation Blog: This Week in Poverty

Tax Dollar Trade-Offs: National Priorities Project: Tax Dollars Trade-Off Tool

Click Here for CHN’s Poverty Day 2011 Page

CHN Working Paper:

Budget Issues Resources, a compilation of research and budget projections about cuts to human needs programs, as well as detailed State-by-State data on these issues

State-by-State Information

Special Briefing Call:  New Findings from the Ms. Foundation’s 2011 Poll, Community Voices for the Economy
With special guest speaker Celinda Lake (4/29/11)

Sample Letters to the Editor

Talking Points on Irresponsible Budget Cuts

Statements from Congress to the Super Committee


Omnibus Overview: Read more here 
Energy & Water: Read more here 
Financial Services: Read more here
Homeland Security: Read more here 
Interior/Environment: Read more here 
L-HHS-Ed: Read more here 
Legislative Branch: Read more here
Defense: Read more here
State/Foreign Opts: Read more here 
Disaster Relief: Read more here

Click here for the full House Republican Appropriators Summary

Send Us Your Stories

CHN and Half in Ten Storybank — Submit your story today!
Half in Ten and the Coalition on Human Needs are collecting stories highlighting the ways that federal programs successfully build economic security and meet the needs of vulnerable populations. We welcome short video clips or written stories from anyone who can speak to the benefit and success of federal programs such as direct beneficiaries, social service providers, and community, faith or business leaders. For more instructions and guidelines on submitting your story click here.

Half in Ten Storybanking Webinar: Stories Behind the Cuts–hear the audio recording from the webinar and download the handouts to learn more about how to effectively collect and deploy stories.

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