12 Reasons Why We Do the Work We Do Together


August 4, 2015

As we were preparing for our Human Needs Hero event last week, we were contemplating the bringing together of the human needs community that’s at the heart of CHN’s work. As we did, we thought about why we all do the work that we do together – both the challenges and the successes. Here are just 12 of those many reasons:

Living In Poverty Age 18 34

    • Half of new jobs pay less than a living wage, and the minimum wage hasn’t been raised in six years.
    • Half of low-wage workers don’t have a single paid day off to care for themselves or a family member.


Many in Congress want to cut spending on the very programs that deliver these successes. That’s why spreading the word about the need for more investments in human needs programs is critical. To learn more how you can speak out and help stop federal cuts to human needs programs, click here.

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