CHN Condemns House Budget Proposal: Despite Speaker Ryan’s Vow on Poverty, Budget Blueprint Represents Unprecedented Attack on Low-Income Families


March 16, 2016

Below is the Coalition on Human Needs’ statement on the House FY17 budget proposal released yesterday. Let us know what you think of the House budget by leaving a comment below. You can also check out our FY17 Budget page, where we’re compiling valuable resources.

Coalition on Human Needs Condemns House Budget Proposal: Despite Speaker Ryan’s Vow on Poverty, Budget Blueprint Represents Unprecedented Attack on Low-Income FamiliesEditor’s note: Executive Director Deborah Weinstein is available for interviews on the GOP budget proposal and its failure to address human needs.  

The Coalition on Human Needs Wednesday warned members of Congress that the House Republican budget proposal threatens low-income Americans with the most severe budget cuts in modern history – cuts that would worsen poverty, increase inequality and threaten years of economic progress that the nation has achieved in the aftermath of the 2008 recession.

“The GOP proposal is even worse than budgets put forth in recent years,” said Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs. “It would cut $3.5 trillion over a ten-year period in programs that serve low-income families. It would eliminate health insurance for millions of Americans, eviscerate Medicaid and SNAP/food stamps and make substantial cuts in everything from affordable education to job training to mass transit.”

Weinstein said CHN members have begun contacting all 435 members of the House to express their concern about the pending budget resolution – a proposal that runs counter to Speaker Paul Ryan’s pledge to reduce poverty. She said the GOP blueprint stands in stark contrast to a budget proposal put forth last month by President Obama that would make critical investments in human needs areas such as reducing childhood hunger, job training, housing subsidies, fighting homelessness and other anti-poverty initiatives. Further, the People’s Budget, introduced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, provides a responsible alternative that would cut poverty in half and create millions of jobs.

“We are concerned that today’s budget proposal addresses the political objectives of a small group of very ideological members of Congress, but wholly fails to address the needs of Americans struggling to survive in today’s economy, including those striving to lift themselves out of poverty,” she said. “When we address the needs of impoverished Americans, we strengthen our economy and our country. A responsible budget reduces poverty and inequality – not the opposite.”

Note: CHN’s letter to members of the House Budget Committee is here.

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