Across the country, families are benefiting from expanded Child Tax Credit


July 23, 2021

The Coalition on Human Needs, working with Public News Service, is telling the stories of communities and families that are benefiting from the Child Tax Credit expansion. Here are seven stories that have been produced in the past eight days.

Groups Push Congress to Make  Child Tax Credit Permanent
PHOENIX — Starting this week, most Arizona families with children are seeing extra money in their bank accounts, and more than 1.5 million Arizona kids will benefit. The money can be used for anything families need; groceries, rent, utility bills, or childcare. Ilana Lowrey, Arizona director for the nonprofit Common Sense, said the only problem with the plan is, it expires at the end of this year. “We really want to urge Congress to extend those benefits because after six months, if it goes away at the end of the year, what happens then?” Lowrey questioned. “We want Congress to include a permanent extension in the upcoming American Family Plan.” READ MORE »
CO Families Already Benefiting from Advance Child Tax Payments
DENVER — Parents are now receiving fully refundable monthly 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit payments, and advocates for children and families have urged Congress to make them permanent. Holly Baumkratz, a parent in Boulder with two children, said monthly payments, at $250 for each child per month, are a game-changer. Both she and her husband work, but she explained they cannot afford health insurance for their kids at $1,700 a month, which is out of budget for their family. READ MORE »
ME Parents, Advocates: Make Expanded Child Tax Credit Permanent
AUGUSTA, Maine — Parents are now receiving fully refundable monthly 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit payments, and advocates for children and families have urged Congress to make them permanent. Melissa Hackett, communications and policy associate for the Maine Children’s Alliance, pointed to research that shows 90% of Maine kids will benefit each year from permanent expansion. “In terms of the specific number of kids that will be lifted above the poverty line, if we were to make this expansion permanent, we’re looking at around 10,000 children,” Hackett reported. “That would be a reduction by 45% of child poverty in our state.” READ MORE »
Child Tax Credit Could Bring Thousands of NH Kids Out of Poverty
MANCHESTER, N.H. – Parents are now receiving fully refundable monthly 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit payments, and advocates for children and families are urging Congress to make them permanent. Carrie Martin Duran is a Manchester single mom of three, and one of her daughters has Down syndrome. She said she plans to use her August payment for back-to-school expenses. “I can’t even tell you how that makes me feel,” said Duran. “That this is one school year, I’m not going to have to stress and worry that they’ve got their new shoes, a new backpack and all of that stuff. That’s always been a very stressful, awful time for me as a parent on a financial level.” READ MORE »
Child Tax Credit Expansion Seen as Major Boost for Virginia Families
LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. — Beginning last week, thousands of Virginia families with children saw more money in their bank accounts as the federal government started distributing Child Tax Credit payments to eligible families. Vilma Hernandez-Morales is a mother of four with three children younger than 17 who qualify for the monthly payments. A legal resident of Loudoun County, originally from El Salvador, she supports her entire family by babysitting and taking on part-time jobs. Her daughter Esmirelda said they will use the money for everyday expenses that have piled up during the pandemic. READ MORE »
Child Tax Credit Helping WV Families Pay for Transportation, Food
WHEELING, W.Va. — An estimated 346,000 West Virginia children, 93% of all kids in the state, live in households that likely received their first Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments last week. Stormy Johnson, with the Preston County Board of Education and a mother of three children, said the extra cash provided by the CTC will help her make her monthly car payment. “Here in Preston County, if you don’t have a vehicle, you don’t have a lot,” Johnson observed. “Because we don’t have access to public transportation like there are in some different counties.” READ MORE »
Budget Stabilizer: Child Tax Credit Payments Arrive for WI Families
MADISON, Wis. — The federal government today begins issuing monthly payments under the expanded Child Tax Credit. Advocates for working families in Wisconsin say it goes beyond cutting poverty rates. They say it will remove a lot of monthly budget pressure for scores of households. Meghan Roh, program director for Opportunity Wisconsin, said aside from the credit amount going up, age limits have been expanded, making more families eligible. “Speaking as a parent myself, you know, raising a family is tough,” Roh remarked. “And even with careful budgeting, folks can fall behind on keeping up with their expenses.” READ MORE »