After the election


November 9, 2016

When the heroes of the civil rights movement persevered in their struggle, they did so against long odds, and knowing their victories would be long in the making. Women seeking the franchise fought for decades. They persisted in their cause because it was essential – and right.
Our cause – ending poverty and providing the opportunity for economic security for ALL – is also essential. So we must keep at it. The election will make our work harder, but no less just. While the truth took a beating during this campaign, it remains necessary to tell the truth about what actually can increase broadly shared prosperity. Just as important, we must let people know when rhetoric about helping the working class masks largesse showered on those at the top.

There is real insecurity in our nation, and real hardship, although the extent of the hurt has been declining. These problems deserve a real solution. We must act together to seize opportunities to increase employment and reduce poverty. And we must continue to fight for the supports that increase economic security, including health coverage, an increased minimum wage, low-income tax credits, and affordable child care. We have to be ready to defeat attempts to roll back the progress we have made.

We have plans to make together, and actions to undertake together.

We at CHN are so grateful to be able to work with you. Please read Lecia Imbery’s post with more about why our work with you is so important.

Poverty and Income