CHN’s latest Human Needs Report: Special edition examines Biden Administration’s proposed budget


June 7, 2021

CHN just released a special edition of the Human Needs Report focusing on President Biden’s FY22 budget request. Read on for an overview of the request and details from select government departments that most directly impact people with low incomes. You can view a PDF of the report here.

In This Special Edition

The Biden Administration released its detailed Fiscal Year 2022 budget request on May 28. The budget is the first in a decade that is not limited by the low spending caps for annual appropriations required by the Budget Control Act. Advocates praised the proposed higher funding levels for human needs programs, but getting spending bills through Congress may be tricky. READ MORE »

CHN has compiled many of the funding increases and policy changes in the Biden Administration’s FY22 budget request that most directly impact people with low incomes, including those from the the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor, as well as other areas of note. READ MORE »

Budget and Appropriations
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