CHN’s COVID-19 Watch: Tracking Hardship July 24


July 24, 2020


July 24, 2020  

The time is NOW edition. As of this weekend, the $600/week Pandemic Unemployment Compensation will expire.  Majority Leader McConnell has not yet even been able to get his caucus to agree on a COVID-19 relief package to put forward (they say they will have one on Monday, July 27). At a time when unemployment claims are rising again and spiking COVID-19 cases (more than 4 million) are paralyzing business activity, Congress must act NOW to protect people from health threats and severe economic hardship.  Evictions and hunger not seen since the Great Depression are a grave threat to millions of us.  The Senate’s failure to join the House in enacting COVID recovery legislation similar to the House’s HEROES Act threatens to turn a manageable although painful economic shock into a long-term economic disaster – the time for action is now.   


Deaths from COVID-19 over the past week (7/17-7/23). Starting on July 21, deaths jumped to over 1,000 per day. There were more than 144,000 U.S. deaths through 7/24.


3.7 times; 3.5 times 

The age-adjusted Black death rate from COVID is 3.7x that of whites; for Indigenous people, it is 3.5x that of whites. (as of July 22).


Half…or more

How many households lost income from work since March 13? 50.1%. For Latinx households, 62%; for Black households, 57%; for Asian households, 52%; for white households, 45% (for week ending July 14.)


1 – 2 days 

How long until the $600/week Pandemic Unemployment Compensation will expire for 25 million jobless workers. (It’s July 25 for all states except NY, which is July 26.)


3 days 

How long until the Senate Republicans say they will even make public a COVID relief bill (Monday, July 27), which must ultimately be negotiated with the House-passed HEROES bill. By then, 25 million will have lost their $600/week UI. Tweet this.


5.1 million; $15.4b 

Failing to prevent the $600/wk cutoff will cost billions of dollars per weekresulting in a loss of 5.1m jobsaccording to the Economic Policy Institute. Tweet this.


One in four 

26.5of households with children couldn’t pay/deferred their rent in the previous month. That was true of 30% of all Black, 24.5% of all Latinx, 14% of all white, and 10.5% of all Asian households. The federal moratorium on evictions expires on July 25. Tweet this.


20 – 28 million 

Estimates of the number of renter households that could be evicted if Congress does not extend expiring moratoria and/or provide assistance so people can pay their rent. Tweet this.


One in three 

33.7% of households with children and less than $25,000 in income said that in the past 7 days, they sometimes or often did not have enough to eat. True of about 30% households with kids where someone was sick with COVID symptoms.


$555 billion 

Revenue shortfalls for states (not counting localities) through FY22, causing many states to cut services, including many states, including OR, GA, NJ, FL, UT and MNwhich are cutting behavioral health and substance abuse services despite increasing opioid overdose deaths.