Fact of the Week: Since FY 2010, at Least 119 Important Human Needs Programs Have Been Cut, 99 by more than 10%


July 14, 2014

New data released by CHN shows that, out of a group of 131 programs of special importance to low-income and vulnerable people, 119 saw decreases from FY 2010 through FY 2014 after adjusting for inflation. Ninety-nine programs were cut well over 10 percent. Only 12 programs increased during this same period.
The across-the-board sequestration cuts that took effect in FY 2013 were devastating for human needs programs. But even before sequestration, these programs were losing funding. Just a few of the losers over the last several years include adult and youth job training programs (cut 18%), home heating and cooling assistance (cut 38%), and child welfare services (cut 12%). A few more of the 119 programs and their cuts are listed below. Click here for the full report.

Programs Percent Change from FY10 to FY14, adjusted for inflation
     Rural Health Programs -29.4
     Voting Access for People with Disabilities -73.7
Child Welfare Services
     Mentoring Children of Prisoners -100
Juvenile Justice
     Community Based Violence Prevention Initiatives -49.3
Job Training and Employment Services
      Community Service Employment for Older Americans  -51.5
Services for the Elderly
      Caregiver Services  -19.9
      Choice Neighborhoods/HOPE VI  -58.5

The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers in our chart show a dangerous pattern of failing to help the most vulnerable in our society. These numbers can be useful when talking to elected officials and showing the impact of their decisions. Each of the cuts represents lives affected, and people who could’ve been helped but instead weren’t.


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