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December 12, 2014

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While the Affordable Care Act is already improving the health and lives of millions of Americans, more than 40 million people in the United States still do not have health insurance. As a result, millions aren’t getting the care they need, jeopardizing both their health and their economic security. Minorities are less likely to be have insurance and more likely to experience gaps in access to care and quality of that care. Immigrant families have a particularly hard time accessing health coverage because of fear, confusion, and lack of language resources (and none of the 5-plus million immigrants who will be helped by President Obama’s recent executive actions are eligible to buy health insurance through the exchanges). In addition, the vast majority of the uninsured are in working families, and millions of people who have health insurance still struggle to pay for the cost of any care they do receive.

Everyone should have access to affordable, high quality health care. That’s why CHN is proud to partner with over 450 organizations around the world to launch the first-ever Universal Health Coverage Day, a historic global call for all nations to make universal health coverage a priority.

A lack of affordable, quality health care can trap families in poverty. No one should go bankrupt when they get sick, and the ability to go to a good doctor when you need one shouldn’t depend on where you live, what you look like, or how much money you have. Globally, over 1 billion people lack basic health care, and 100 million fall into poverty every year trying to access needed services. Universal health coverage means that everyone – even our poorest and most vulnerable neighbors, both in our communities and around the globe – can access quality health care when they need it, without financial hardship.

You can join the call to action for universal health coverage by using the hashtag #HealthForAll on social media. To really ‘show’ your support, use this virtual photo booth to upload your picture.

And if you’re shopping for health care in the U.S., a reminder that open enrollment in now underway for coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Check out our Get Covered! page for more information.

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