Human Needs Report: DHS funding, immigration, tax cuts, and FY16 budgets


March 2, 2015

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CHN just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report, our regular newsletter on national policy issues affecting low-income and vulnerable populations. This latest edition looks at the battle in Congress over funding for the Department of Homeland Security and immigration, the ongoing FY 2016 budget hearings in the House and Senate Appropriations subcommittees, and the corporate tax breaks recently passed in the House. See below for the full analysis and links to each section of the report.

Download the full Human Needs Report PDF here.

Showdown on Immigration and Homeland Security Funding Comes to a Head in Congress
The fight over funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the President’s executive action on immigration came to a head in Congress last week. A partial government shutdown was averted at the last minute with a temporary stop-gap spending measure that will keep DHS funded through March 6 while the House and Senate try to work out their differences. READ MORE »

Subcommittees Hearings Begin on FY2016 Budget
The House and Senate will be developing budgets for FY 2016 this month. To prepare for this, many House and Senate Appropriations subcommittee held hearings in February to begin discussing budget needs, restraints, and priorities. READ MORE »

House Passes Billions in Business Tax Breaks; Leaves out Low-Income Tax Credits
In mid-February, the full House passed (272-142 and 279-137) a series of tax breaks for businesses at a cost of more than $93 billion over 10 years. The bills, H.R. 636 and H.R. 644, would make these breaks permanent parts of the tax code. READ MORE  »


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