Human Needs Report: Spending Bills Move, Corporate Tax Dodging, Emergency Funding and More


April 11, 2016

CHN just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report, our regular newsletter on national policy issues affecting low-income and vulnerable populations. This edition includes articles on budget and appropriations action in Congress, the Supreme Court’s decision affecting public sector unions, the Treasury Department’s actions to crack down on corporate tax dodging, and funding for emergencies. See below for the full analysis and links to each piece in the report.
Click here for the full PDF Human Needs Report:

Senate and House Move Forward with Spending Bills Despite Uncertainty around House Budget
Despite the lack of a Congressional budget resolution, the Senate and House are moving forward with work on FY17 spending bills. Senate leaders have agreed to adhere to the spending limit for discretionary programs (those subject to the annual appropriations process) set by the Bipartisan Budget Act Congress passed last fall, while not all House members have come to such an agreement. READ MORE »

Supreme Court Upholds Collective Bargaining
Advocates celebrated the Supreme Court’s March 29th decision that keeps current law regarding public union fees intact. The Court’s 4-4 ruling in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case means that public employees who don’t join a union can continue to be charged an “agency” or “fair share” fee for costs that the union incurs outside of political activities, like for collective bargaining. READ MORE »

Treasury Department Cracks Down on Corporate Tax Dodging
Advocates applauded guidelines issued by the U.S. Treasury Department on April 4 that caused the collapse of the drug company Pfizer’s merger with fellow drug firm Allergan, which would have allowed Pfizer to dodge a $35 billion U.S. tax bill. READ MORE »

Funding for Emergencies: Lead Poisoning, Opioids and Zika
While Congress continues to refuse the respond to several emergency situations, advocates and the Obama Administration continue to push legislators to address them. READ MORE »

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