Keep Raising Your Voice with #StopTheCuts


February 4, 2015

Yesterday we partnered with, and more than 20 other organizations for a Twitterstorm telling Congress to #StopTheCuts to critical human needs programs in the 2016 budget. With your help and action we got #StopTheCuts trending in DC on Twitter! From the benefits of SNAP to the need for more housing vouchers, below is what some of you had to say. Thank you for raising your voice for human needs!

Now is not the time to stop though. Over the next few weeks Representatives and Senators need to hear from you about the programs that work and the hardworking people and families affected by cuts in funding. Keep it up with #StopTheCuts and tell Congress that we need a 2016 budget that works for all, not just corporations and the wealthy few. Click here for sample tweets, graphics, and facts to share.

To learn more about the budget process and what we are up against this year check out our recent webinar. And stay tuned for a special edition of CHN’s Human Needs Report focused on how the President’s budget request (released this Monday) affects programs and services that work to lift people out of poverty.

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