Make a (healthy) plan to vote.


October 9, 2020

The Coalition on Human Needs is working to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote has a plan to vote safely—particularly underrepresented communities who are so often left out of the policy decisions being made in Washington, D.C.

And, in the midst of a global pandemic, with no known treatment or vaccine, it’s essential that each of us makes a plan to vote healthy.

This election is too important to wait until the last moment. We all must take extra effort to plan ahead. We all must make sure we don’t let this opportunity to stand up for our shared priorities and vote to protect human needs go by. We can’t afford not to vote.

  1. Take a moment, and click here to check your registration.
  2. Make a plan to vote
  3. Then, click here to confirm where your polling location is.
  4. If you are voting by mail or absentee, and haven’t already received your ballot, you can request your ballot here.
  5. Healthy in-person voting resources
    1. Guidelines for Healthy In-Person Voting (Brennan Center)
    2. Considerations for Election Polling Locations and Voters (CDC)

We are less than four weeks away from Election Day. Together, we must continue to fight and demand our elected leaders represent our priorities: protecting the vulnerable, the sick and the poor.