National Women’s Law Center: Housing is a human right — women’s lives depend on it


September 15, 2020

Sarah Hassmer, Senior Counsel for Income Security at the National Women’s Law Center, this week posted a useful update on housing issues, including the Trump Administration’s attacks on public housing as well as Congress’ failure to provide emergency rental assistance.

“COVID-19 and the she-cession have exacerbated a housing crisis with disproportionate gender and racial impacts,” Hassmer writes. “New NWLC research shows that in mid-July, 41of Black, non-Hispanic women and 45of Latinas faced housing insecurity, more than two and a half times the housing insecurity white, non-Hispanic men face (15%). Those rates increased to 45for Black, non-Hispanic women with children and 49for Latinas with children.”

You can read the post in its entirety here

Housing and Homelessness