Next Week’s Podcast: How Anyone Can Take Action In Lobbying for Build Back Better


November 10, 2021

In order to Build Back Better, anti-poverty advocates and our partners across the country have been leveraging various tools and strategies to move the needle towards progress both to federal policy and at the local level. Whether it be securing a pathway to immigration reform in the reconciliation package, expanding the Child Tax Credit to combat child poverty, or increasing funding for housing and healthcare programs to reduce and end homelessness, the Voices for Human Needs podcast has encouraged listeners to take action on some of the most pressing anti-poverty policy and advocacy campaigns happening now.

The next Voices for Human Needs podcast episode is all about demystifying one key, and powerful advocacy tool that can be used by advocates from all ages, locations, and backgrounds: lobbying. 

For many young people, or often anyone unfamiliar with the policymaking that goes on inside the Beltway of Washington D.C, lobbying their elected officials might sound like an activity that is out of reach, or not one to be used on behalf of policy that advances social and economic justice. But the Coalition on Human Needs’ very own Director of Public Policy, Richelle Friedman, will share in our next podcast episode why anyone can, and should, get involved in lobbying Congress and their local governments. 

In addition, we are joined by Hwa Young Lee, a 23-year-old grassroots advocate based out of Dallas, Texas. Hwa Young is a volunteer with one of our member organizations, RESULTS, a national movement of volunteers learning to use their voices to advocate on behalf of policies that address poverty including education, health, and economic opportunity. 

Stay tuned for our next episode for actions you can take to use your voice, lobby your elected officials, and fight for legislation or policies that would make a significant impact for you and/or the most vulnerable members of your community!

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