SOTU: Things You Can Do


January 17, 2015

Next Tuesday, President Obama will give the annual State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress and the nation, followed by responses from the Republican Party and the Tea Party. We’ll share our thoughts about the addresses that evening on our Voices for Human Needs blog, and we hope you’ll join in the discussion by posting your comments after you tune in (just scroll down to the bottom of our SOTU post next week!).

A few questions you might want to consider:

      • What is most important in your mind about the State of Your Community, or the State of the Union? What problems do you (or we) face?  What promising initiatives are you a part of that the rest of the country could learn from?
      • What did you like or disagree with, and what was left out – in the President’s address or the responses?
In the meantime, join FRAC, the Coalition on Human NeedsTalkPoverty and the USAction Education Fund in urging the president to make hunger and poverty a priority during the SOTU. Here are three simple things you can do leading up to Tuesday:


Send a message to the White House: 

Follow this link to the White House SOTU page, and click on “Expanding Opportunities for Disadvantaged Young Americans.”
Enter the following text in the box provided:
The nation must prioritize making good nutrition programs better if we are to ensure the health, well-being and potential of millions of children across America. Hunger has devastating consequences for children’s growth and development. For my part, I will continue to raise awareness about the critical role federal nutrition programs – like SNAP, school meals, summer food and others – play in fighting hunger. We know hunger is solvable, but we need the political will for that to happen.


Use the hashtags #EndHungerNow & #TalkPoverty together leading up to the SOTU. See below for examples:

• We hope @BarackObama will #talkpoverty and outline ways to #endhungernow during the #SOTU.
• @WhiteHouse during the #SOTU, share your plan to #endhungernow.
• During this #SOTU, it’s time to #talkpoverty & hear a strategy to #endhungernow.
• Hunger is solvable. This #SOTU, let’s find a way to #endhungernow.
• It’s time for @whitehouse to #talkpoverty. #SOTU


Jan. 20 @ 3 p.m.:  Get Caught Up in a Twitterstorm!

Join us in sending the following tweet at  3 p.m. on January 20 and shine a spotlight on hunger in America prior to the president’s address that evening.
• We urge @WhiteHouse to #talkpoverty&#endhungernow! #SOTU


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