Stand together against budget cuts


May 12, 2017

Congress is about to begin serious work on the 2018 federal budget and we need your organization’s help.
President Trump already has released a budget outline that would cut domestic and international programs by $54 billion – money he would transfer to the Pentagon.

We don’t know all the details of the President’s budget – those are expected to be released later this month. But we do know enough to be deeply concerned.


    • 8 million children would be terminated from afterschool and summer programs.
    • 200,000 families would not get rental assistance and would risk losing the roof over their head.
    • President Trump supports $880 billion in Medicaid cuts in the health care repeal bill, and is reported to be including still more Medicaid cuts in his FY 2018 budget plan.

We have to prepare for the fight of our lifetime.

And this is where you come in.

Do you represent a local, state or national organization? A church, a synagogue, a labor union, a civic organization? A human or civil rights group? An environmental protection organization? A small business? A front-line service provider agency?

We want your organization to sign a letter, addressed to every member of Congress, calling upon them to pass a budget that promotes opportunity for all, safeguards and advances our basic living standards, and protects our environment.

Click here to read and sign before Monday, June 12.


we have special state letters for Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and West Virginia. If you’re from one of those states, you’ll be directed to your letter. Other organizations – please sign the national letter and we’ll list you by state.

Click here to read and sign.

We just want to close by emphasizing what is at stake.

This is no time for silos. Here in Washington and nationwide, people are coming together to fight for our health, our families, our planet, and our economic future. This letter is one way to express our unified stance against budgets that slash funding for the programs that protect us and help us advance, and that make drastic cuts in order to add to the Pentagon and give still more massive tax cuts for high income individuals and profitable corporations.

The Trump budget disinvests – its priorities are upside down. Congress has rejected some of his previous proposals to cut – we’ve got to build on that, and it’s an uphill battle.

Please join the fight for a fair budget. Please sign the letter, and forward this to every group you know.

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