Tax Day protesting


April 17, 2018

Tax Day – a day many Americans perceive with dread. But here at CHN, we support our tax dollars going to critical programs that millions of Americans rely on every day – programs like education, housing assistance, child nutrition programs, Medicaid, and so many more. We are, of course, always mindful that these programs need further investments, and that some of these investments could be made if nearly a quarter of your tax dollars didn’t go to the Pentagon and the military.

But with the passage of the federal tax law last December, programs and services that people rely on will not only NOT get the additional investments they need, they will lose even more. And low- and middle-class families will pay more, all while the wealthy and corporations receive huge tax cuts. That’s why, this tax day, CHN is joining our friends at MomsRising, Americans for Tax Fairness, Tax March, AFL-CIO, and others for a virtual protest today (April 17) at 2:00 pm, using the hashtag #TaxDayProtest. We invite you to join as well. And if you’re in D.C., come to a rally at the East Front of the Capitol building at noon (get more information and let them know you’re coming here).

We’ll be protesting the fact that the wealthiest families are disproportionately benefiting from the new federal tax law. In fact, in 2025, the tax cuts will be roughly three times bigger for the top 1 percent of households than for the bottom 60 percent, measured as a share of income.

We’ll be protesting the fact that giving the wealthy bigger tax breaks is, of course, totally unnecessary. This is especially true in light of the fact that even without these additional breaks, income has been shifting from lower- and middle-class Americans to those at the top for decades.

We’ll also be protesting the fact that giving trillions of dollars away to those who clearly don’t need it is grossly fiscally irresponsible, especially considering that the need for federal expenditures is increasing. Over the next few decades, as our population continues to age, the need to spend additional money on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will increase. But the tax law will mean the government will be dealing with huge revenue losses at the same time spending needs are going up.

We’re not letting corporations off the hook, either. We’ll be protesting the fact that they are receiving gigantic tax breaks under the guise that they would lead to new jobs, higher wages and bonuses for employees. But what’s really really happened?

Share these and other tax day graphics from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, National Priorities Project, and Americans for Tax Fairness, and join us in protesting the tax law by using the hashtag #TaxDayProtest.