The Trump budget: A harsh attack on our own people


May 23, 2017

Editor’s note: Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director of CHN, issued the following statement Tuesday in response to President Trump’s budget proposal. A PDF version of this statement can be found here

“Members of Congress should rise up to reject the bleak and dangerous vision in President Trump’s budget. Its massive denial of help to people struggling to provide for their children, people with disabilities, and millions who need health care and food would set our nation back incalculably.

“In so many ways, this budget breaks promises and deceives about its true impact. It disinvests in America. The basic living standards that everyone needs – enough food, health care, and housing – are shredded, not strengthened. Crippling Medicaid by over $1 trillion in cuts will leave many millions of people without health coverage. Untreated health problems will make it harder for people to work. Cutting nearly $200 billion from food assistance will make millions of people hungrier, with especially damaging consequences for children. We have decades of evidence that SNAP/food stamps helps children to do better in school, to be healthier, and to earn more as adults. The Trump budget would recklessly undermine that progress.

“For those who thought the budget would provide investments to create jobs, that promise is broken. Cutting trillions of dollars from needed services will slow our economy. Education cuts will make it harder for people to qualify for good jobs.

“The budget would massively transfer money that should be invested in all our people to a handful of millionaires and profitable corporations, through multi-trillions in tax cuts that would average $50,000 each for millionaires. Claims of huge gains in economic growth are dismissed by reputable economists. Investments in real economic growth will not be made in order to increase the unaudited and bloated Pentagon budget. People of modest incomes will fall farther behind and high income individuals and businesses will concentrate their gains still more. Our nation will become weaker as a result, with the federal government far less able to help people secure basic living standards.

“Instead of opportunities, ordinary people will face roadblocks at every turn. Health insurance that costs more, especially if they are actually sick. More onerous requirements to qualify for food assistance or tax credits. 250,000 fewer rental housing vouchers for families struggling to avoid homelessness. Billions in cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, which provides income assistance to poor seniors and people with disabilities. No legal services to prevent eviction. No help to heat or cool homes. Funds eliminated for the anti-poverty community action agencies. Substantial reductions in substance abuse and mental health services.

“Around the nation, Americans must remind our elected officials that we can only make progress through research, education, infrastructure rebuilding, secure public health, and strong communities. This budget turns its back on these commitments, and generations of our people will suffer if its bleak vision is not rejected.”

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