URGENT ACTION: 3 ways to tell Congress to #StopTheCuts


October 1, 2015

Congress averted a shutdown and passed short-term funding through December 11. But their work is not done.
America needs a full-year plan to increase funding – and Congress needs to get to work NOW. Programs that support housing, Head Start, job training, nutrition aid, and education are all at risk.

Your members of Congress need to hear from you that investments must be made – and that this can be done while protecting/expanding low-income tax credits and critical programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and SNAP.

  1. Call Your Senators NOW
    Take less than ten minutes today to call both of your Senators at 1-888-496-3502. Click here for the full action alert on Facebook to share from our friends at NETWORK. The line will close at the end of this week so call TODAY. More.
  2. Email Congress
    Send a note to your Rep and Senators today: Tell them we need more – not less – investments so people can escape poverty and contribute to shared economic progress. And we must stop self-inflicted crises and disruption.  Take action and email Congress now.
  3. Tell your friends and tweet directly at Congress using #StopTheCuts on Facebook and Twitter.
    Here are tools and tips (including graphics!) to get you started: Click here for infographics and a social media toolkit with sample tweets using the newest Census poverty data and CHN’s latest report on poverty in America. Then, share this blog post using the icons above and below. Even easier, you can share posts by the Coalition on Human Needs here:



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