CHN: House Votes to Repeal More Rules Affecting Workers

On Feb. 15, the House has voted to repeal several rules implemented by the Obama Administration that affect workers. The House voted (236-189) to repeal a rule that limits states’ ability to drug-test certain laid-off workers applying for unemployment insurance. That same day, they also voted to repeal two rules that would allow states to create retirement savings accounts for private sector and low-income workers whose employers do not offer retirement plans on their own. The National Education Association and AARP opposed the repeal of this rule.

The “resolutions of disapproval” to roll back the rules were passed under the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Under the CRA, Congress has 60 legislative days to review and override major regulations enacted by federal agencies, with only a simple majority vote in the Senate. The CRA also prevents agencies from enacting similar regulations again in the future unless specifically authorized by a subsequent law.

A number of other rules and regulations put into place in the last several months of the Obama Administration are being targeted by Republicans in Congress and the new Trump Administration for the chopping block. For more information about other rules and regulations under threat and the process for undoing these, see the Feb. 6 Human Needs Report and

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