Protecting Basic Needs Programs

June 6, 2018

The policies and programs that provide for the basic needs of low-income and vulnerable people are under increasing attack. Efforts to cut or restrict these programs may take many forms, such as funding cuts or caps, transferring authority to states or localities, or restricting eligibility for services. Programs that provide necessities of food, health care, housing/utilities, education, and income and work supports have all seen attempts to curtail, cut funding, limit eligibility, or outright end them. Many threats to these programs have been proposed in the past, and more are expected in future.  The resources below provide information about emerging threats to services and benefits in 2019.

Organization Resources:

Work Requirements (See also: Food Assistance, Housing, and Medicaid below):


Food Assistance:




Older Americans:


Additional Resources:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities SNAP and Medicaid Video Series (Released Sept. 4, 2018):

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities SNAP Video Series (Released May 31, 2018):