698 groups tell appropriators: Invest in Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education needs 


May 9, 2024

This week, almost 700 local, state, and national groups urged Congressional leaders to adequately fund programs included under the purview of the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations subcommittees. 

The 698 groups, noting a previously enacted stringent cap on non-defense discretionary spending (aka, annual appropriations) for fiscal year 2025, urged that committee members avoid imposing “additional cuts for the necessary services this subcommittee oversees, and that funding is found to respond to urgent needs.” 

“The programs and services funded by the Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee have a profound impact on health and well-being, child development, educational and skills attainment, and productivity,” the letter states. “Yet these programs have been shortchanged in the appropriations process since spending caps were first enacted in 2011 and yet again under the cap for FY 2024. We strongly recommend an allocation that addresses the gaps created from years of underfunding these essential programs.” 

The letter notes that the need for key investments “has only grown over time, leaving important services and activities underfunded by billions of dollars as program funding for vital services funded under Labor-HHS-Education has not kept pace with population growth or inflation. Any additional cuts to FY 2025 NDD funding and to this bill specifically will further undermine the future strength, economic vitality, and security of our nation.” 

The letter points to a number of key areas that have been underfunded through the years. They include public health and research; learning loss worsened by the pandemic; lack of adequate preschool and other early education opportunities; lack of adequate child care and pay for child care workers; job training; inadequate resources to fight substance use disorders; maternal and child health; child welfare; and home energy assistance. 

“We urge you to commit to improving the lives of Americans by boosting the allocation for the Labor-HHS-Education bill for FY 2025 to provide needed services for the American public while ensuring continued support for NDD programs,” the letter concludes. 

 You and view the letter and all 698 signers here