Before you go…


November 20, 2018

We know you’re about to break for Thanksgiving. We know you deserve the break. To quote the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun, “It feels like years since it’s been here.”
But there’s something we’d like you to do before you go.

The Trump Administration has proposed a cruel and unfair “Public Charge” rule that would leave many immigrant families legally here in the U.S. with a Hobson’s choice: apply for certain safety net programs and risk deportation, or do without and fall hard into poverty. You can read CHN Executive Director Deborah Weinstein’s statement about Public Charge here and read even more in our Human Needs Report.

The proposed rule is currently up for public comment, and the Coalition on Human Needs has teamed up with the Protecting Immigrant Families campaign to show the public what’s at stake. The deadline for submitting comments is Dec. 10; we’re trying to gather comments from 100,000 people across the country to send a loud and clear message that this kind of treatment of our neighbors, co-workers, clients and so on will not stand.

We’d like you to consider taking the following, immediate action. And together with our partners, we’ve put together some materials to help you act.

First, if you use Twitter, consider participating in our Public Charge Poverty Tweetstorm at 2 p.m. ET twitterstorm today(Tuesday, Nov. 20) by following @CoalitionHN

Second, post your own comment opposing the rule to the Federal Register. Click this link to access CHN’s comment guide and find out how you can comment – either as an individual or on behalf of an organization.

Third, help us spread the word. Our partners at Protecting Immigrant Families have developed this social media toolkit, so check it out and use whatever is helpful to you!

This week, we all have so much to be thankful for. Let’s show immigrant families we are thankful for them too.