CHN celebrates the “very good news” of Biden Administration’s ending inhumane rejection of asylum seekers 


April 1, 2022

Editor’s note: CHN Executive Director Deborah Weinstein issued the following statement Friday, April 1 on the welcome ending of Title 42 expulsions of migrants on public health grounds:   

“The Coalition on Human Needs applauds the announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that it is terminating its Title 42 public health order that suspended the rights of people from even making a claim for refuge in the United States, effective May 23.  Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has announced that DHS is expanding its capacity to process new arrivals.   

“This is very good news for thousands of desperate people.  It also affirms the rule of law and the urgent need to carry out federal policy in accordance with human rights.  

“Public health experts have recognized that health conditions do not justify suspending U.S. legal protections for migrants, and the CDC has now agreed.  We welcome Secretary Mayorkas’ statement that DHS is increasing its capacity to process new arrivals and evaluate asylum requests.  It is essential that our government commits to ensuring humane treatment for the inevitable increase in migrants.  Because the U.S. used Title 42 to turn its back on people fleeing from danger in their home countries, nearly 10,000 instances of severe violence have been documented, underscoring the need to hear the claims of asylum-seekers.   

“The Biden Administration is right to end a discriminatory practice which has been disproportionately harmful to Haitians and other Black asylum-seekers.  We believe the solution does not lie in more detention, but in working with communities that can welcome and support refuge-seeking individuals and families.  

“The human service providers, faith organizations, labor, civil rights, and other groups making up the Coalition on Human Needs know that the inhumane policies of the previous administration have contributed to grave violations of human rights that must be redressed.  Ending the unwarranted use of Title 42 to suspend migrants’ rights is an extremely important step.  We appreciate that the Biden Administration has taken it, and urge the Administration to continue to listen to advocates nationwide seeking humanitarian treatment for people fleeing from violence, war, and disaster.  We still have more to do.” 


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