The Human Needs Report: Immigration bills in the House, a better bill for SNAP, FY19 spending, and more


June 19, 2018

CHN just released another edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for the latest on immigration bills in the House, advocates fighting to stop family separations at the border, a better bill for SNAP, a spending cuts package, and FY19 spending work. Click here for a PDF version.

Senate to Take up Spending Cuts Package this Week
The Senate will take up the White House’s proposed package of domestic spending cuts, also known as rescissions, this week, just in time to meet the June 22nd deadline for using special rules that would allow the package to pass with a simple majority vote. All Democrats in the Senate are expected to oppose it, and its passage in the Senate is not a done deal, since several Republican senators have also voiced concerns about the package. READ MORE »

FY19 Spending Season in Full Swing
Fiscal Year 2019 spending season is in full swing, with appropriations work taking place in both chambers. Here are just a few of the highlights and lowlights from some of the bills that have moved in the past month, including in the areas of labor, health, education, low-income housing, and more. READ MORE »

Senate to Take up Bipartisan Farm Bill, While House to Vote Again on Harmful SNAP Cuts
The Senate Agriculture Committee approved its bipartisan version of the Farm Bill on June 13, clearing the bill for Senate floor action as early as this week. The bill includes the reauthorization of SNAP/food stamps but without the deep cuts and harmful changes to SNAP that were included in the House bill. Even though the House bill was rejected on May 18, House leaders may bring the bill back up for another vote this week. READ MORE »

Immigration Bills in Flux in the House
The House is expected to vote this week on two immigration bills opposed by advocates, but the future of the votes is uncertain. The more restrictive of the two bills, sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, is considered by advocates to be extremely anti-immigrant. The second bill would maintain many of the harmful pieces of the Goodlatte bill while creating a new merit-based visa program for Dreamers. READ MORE »

Advocates Take Steps to Stop Family Separation at the Border
On June 17, Father’s Day, members of Congress and demonstrators opposed to the separation of immigrant children and their parents arrived at detention facilities in McAllen, Texas and in New Jersey. Previously, advocates from across the country joined together at events in more than 60 towns and cities on June 14 to protest the Trump Administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at U.S. borders. READ MORE »

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