Take action to protect SNAP


May 4, 2018

H.R. 2, the Farm Bill, threatens to deny food to 2 million people. Please take action to protect SNAP and those who rely on it.

Take Action NOW: Call Your Representative!

On Tuesday, May 8th, we all need to call our members of Congress and tell them to “Vote NO on H.R. 2, the Farm Bill!” (Seriously, this means you and everyone you can reach about this.) Please make use of (CHN Member) Feeding America’s toll free number: 1-888-398-8702. You will be connected to your Representative’s office by putting in your zip code. It is imperative that we let Congress know that we want them to “Vote NO on H.R. 2” because its rigid work rules will reduce or eliminate SNAP for millions. It will deny food to children, veterans, women, and people needing treatment and/or with disabilities. Please share this number with your networks and ask them to encourage people to call. The number is live now and people can start calling now but please make sure you call on Tuesday, May 8th!

Share on Social Media:
Be sure to join (CHN Members) Center For American Progress, CBPP, FRAC and others for a digital day of action on Tuesday, May 8th to get word out that Congress needs to Vote NO on H.R. 2! Make sure to use#HandsOffSNAP. The action will go all day but we’re especially encouraging everyone to tweet/post during the 1:00pm ET hour to maximize reach.

In or near DC?:
Click here for information about two rallies taking place on Tuesday, May 8 on Capitol Hill.

Learn More:
This fight to keep SNAP strong and free of arbitrary work rules really intended to deny assistance is the same fight playing out across other vital low-income programs. Defeating H.R. 2’s SNAP cuts will strengthen our hand when it comes to similar fights over housing assistance, Medicaid, and other social programs. Learn more here, on our Protecting Basic Needs campaign/resource page. We’re also compiling a list of other actions you can take; check back, as this list is a work in progress!