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CHN’s COVID-19 Watch: Tracking Hardship July 10
July 10, 2020

This week, we track the hardships connected to one of the 38 states (includes Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) with rising COVID-19 caseloads: Texas. Decisions to reopen without adequate preparation are powering the caseload surge nationwide, with 59,880 cases on July 9, the sixth single-day record in the past 10 days. As of July 10, the U.S. had more than 3.1 million cases and 133,000 deaths. The spiking pandemic brings more than sickness – it also inflicts severe economic hardships. The Senate must join the House in enacting COVID recovery legislation similar to the House’s HEROES Act as soon after its return as possible.

COVID-19 and evictions: Could 23 million Americans lose their homes? 
July 8, 2020

Evictions are coming and the potential numbers are terrifying. A panel of experts warns that between 19 million and 23 million Americans are at risk of eviction by the end of September. That is roughly one in five of the 110 million Americans who live in renter households. “That wave [of evictions] has already begun. We are trying to prevent it from becoming a tsunami,” Diane Yentel, President and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, told the Washington Post. 

Colleges and Racial Equality: Students Call on Their Institutions to Act 
July 7, 2020

Colleges and universities have been places of protest, advocacy, activism, and social justice throughout history. From anti-war protests in the 1960s to marches fueled by the 2016 presidential election, college students have always gathered attention for their involvement in social movements. There has been no exception when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement and calls for anti-racism in 2020.  

CHN’S COVID-19 Watch: Tracking Hardship July 2
July 2, 2020

The U.S. Senate will be finishing up today without having taken up a new COVID-19 relief bill. It will be out until July 20. In the meantime, most states are starting up a new fiscal year as of July 1, with plummeting revenues and no assurance that the federal government will provide aid to prevent service cuts and state and local government worker layoffs. From February through June, there have already been 1.5 million state and local worker layoffs, out of 15 million public sector workers. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell reminded the Senate this week that the economic downturn would be prolonged, and that the “path forward will also depend on the policy actions taken at all levels of government to provide relief and to support the recovery for as long as needed.”

CHN: Advocates Continue to Push for Next COVID-19 Congressional Response Package
June 29, 2020
With the number of coronavirus cases – and struggling Americans – increasing across the country, advocates continue to push the Senate to act on another federal response package. Congress has already enacted four bills to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting fallout, but advocates are united in saying more…
CHN: FY21 Spending Bills Set to Move in the House, but Are Stalled in the Senate
June 29, 2020
The House is gearing up for several weeks of quick action on Fiscal Year 2021 spending bills, expected to start next week. According to a schedule released by House Appropriations Chair Nita Lowey (D-NY), House Appropriations Subcommittees will take up the spending bills in their jurisdiction starting July 6, with…
CHN: House Passes Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill, But the Path to Enactment is Murky
June 29, 2020
Both the House and Senate took up policing reform bills last week, with very different results. The House passed a sweeping criminal justice reform bill, while a narrower bill in the Senate was blocked by Democrats who felt it didn’t go far enough. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act…
CHN: Advocates Welcome Supreme Court Decisions Protecting LGBTQ people, Dreamers
June 29, 2020
Human needs advocates were pleasantly surprised earlier this month when the Supreme Court handed down two eagerly anticipated rulings, one affirming that LGBTQ people in the workplace are protected from discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the other stating that the Trump Administration, at…

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