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Protecting Basic Needs Programs 2018

We define basic needs programs as those that enable low-income people to receive help with the necessities of food, health care, housing/utilities, education, and income and work supports. Many threats to these programs have been proposed in the past, and more are expected in 2018. Efforts to cut or restrict these programs may take many forms, such as funding cuts or caps, transferring authority to states or localities, or restricting eligibility for services. The resources below provide information about emerging threats to services and benefits in 2018. Read More

SAVE for All Campaign

Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All is a coalition of national, state and local advocacy groups, service providers, faith-based organizations, policy experts, labor and civil rights groups working to protect important services from harmful federal budget cuts and to save the federal capacity to spur economic recovery and progress for the benefit of all.