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America’s foster care system: progress on many fronts, but still overburdened
November 14, 2019

An annual study of foster care in the United States reveals good news and bad news – and there are newly emerging threats, both at the state and federal level. The good news: for most of the 2010s, federal data showed the number of children in foster care steadily increasing after a previous decade of decline. The reason, in part, was the opioid crisis. Now, however, the number of children in foster care is declining, while the number of homes available to foster youth is on the rise.

The latest CHN Human Needs Report: Budget updates, Medicaid work requirements, low-income tax credits, and more
November 12, 2019

CHN just released another edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for the latest on Congress’s work on spending bills, a judge’s ruling on immigration and health care, how Medicaid work requirements fared at the ballot box, efforts to expand low income tax credits, and more.

Rental Assistance Shortage Leaves 700,000 Veterans Homeless or Struggling to Afford Housing
November 8, 2019

As Veterans Day approaches, hundreds of thousands of veterans struggle to keep a roof over their heads. Some 38,000 veterans were homeless on a single night in January 2018, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates. Moreover, 666,000 veterans lived in low-income households that paid more than half of their income for rent and utilities in 2017, Census data show. Low-income people with such high housing costs — what HUD calls “severe cost burdens” — often must skimp on items like food or clothing to pay for rent and utilities. They also face a growing risk of utility cutoffs, eviction, and homelessness as bills pile up.

When fighting poverty, listen to the impoverished
November 7, 2019

Last month the United Nations invited Ashana Bullet and Eduardo Simas to speak at a conference entitled “Perspectives on Poverty.” Bullet and Simsas are both members of ATD Fourth World, an international non-profit organization dedicated to finding and eradicating the root causes of poverty. Bullet is a lifelong resident of New Orleans; Simas owns and manages a farm in rural Brazil. Their message: when fighting poverty, listen to the impoverished.

CHN: Some Progress, but FY20 Spending Will Need Another Stopgap
November 12, 2019
With government funding set to run out in less than two weeks, appropriators in Congress are in talks over the length of the next stopgap spending bill, known as a Continuing Resolution or CR. The current CR, which was passed just before the start of the new fiscal year on…
CHN: Budget Process Reform Bill Concerns Advocates
November 12, 2019
The Senate Budget Committee on November 6 passed legislation that contains changes to the budget process considered highly problematic by advocates. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the legislation, introduced by Senate Budget Committee Chair Michael Enzi (R-WY) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), would trigger a new,…
CHN: Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s Onerous Health Coverage Mandate for Immigrants
November 12, 2019
A federal judge in Portland, Oregon has blocked a Trump Administration rule requiring immigrants to prove they will have health insurance or can pay for medical care before they can get visas and enter the United States. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Michael Simon came on Saturday, Nov. 2,…
CHN: Tuesday Elections Deliver Blow to Medicaid Work Requirements
November 12, 2019
Opponents of Medicaid work requirements received good news with several Election Day outcomes this past Tuesday. In Kentucky, which has been at the forefront of efforts to impose the work requirements, Democrat Andy Beshear apparently defeated incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin by about 5,000 votes. Bevin is contesting the vote, and…

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