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Coronavirus and front-line workers: ‘If they are required to work, they must be kept safe’
April 8, 2020

If you examine the difference between the current crisis and previous crises our nation has faced – such as the Great Recession of 2008 – one thing that stands out the most is fear for our personal safety. Not just the fear of personally contracting the virus – although there is certainly that – but also deep-rooted fears that loved ones might get sick because they are not properly protected at work. 

Coronavirus and homelessness: A ticking time bomb
April 7, 2020

Robbie is a homeless man living in Polk County, Florida. He has faced serious physical and mental health challenges and now, in the wake of coronavirus, he feels misunderstood and underrepresented. He notes, “[the government has] already failed us, I believe they should look out for us while this pandemic is going on. It’s a nightmare on top of a nightmare and we feel left out.” How do you self-isolate if you don’t have a home?

Now more than ever: We can’t count fewer people in poverty!
April 6, 2020

Right now, the Trump administration is trying to change the way poverty is measured so fewer people are counted. They’re asking for public comment on their proposal to change the way poverty is measured by April 14. Changing the way poverty is defined under these circumstances is a bad idea: The poverty measure allows for research to show the extent of poverty and leads to standards used to determine who gets benefits like food assistance, housing vouchers, health benefits, and more.

Urgently Needed to Protect Our People and Our Economy: The Next Steps Congress Must Take to Counter the Pandemic
April 2, 2020

The health crisis and economic crisis are intertwined. The economy will not improve until people can be safe enough to leave their homes. For that, we need COVID-19 testing, treatment, and time. And the economy will not improve if the testing, treatment, and time out of work have buried people in debt and caused them to lose their jobs or homes. In every economic downturn, ensuring that low- and moderate-income people have money to spend is the most effective way to jump-start the economy. That is especially true in this deep crisis.

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