The Coalition on Human Needs: an alliance of national organizations working together to promote public policies which address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable people.

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CHN’s COVID-19 Watch: Tracking Hardship May 14, 2021
May 14, 2021

The where-are-the-good-jobs edition. The economy is growing in fits and starts. More than one million combined jobs were added during the months of March and April — although the April jobs report was nothing to write home about. But evidence is emerging that many of the jobs that are returning are not good jobs; they pay low wages, have few benefits, or fall short in other measures of job quality. That contradicts the narrative of governors in 12 states terminating federal unemployment benefits. These governors claim that the extra unemployment benefits, that may exceed wages in low-paying jobs, are discouraging workers from returning to work.

Ten key provisions in the American Families Plan for people with low incomes
May 14, 2021

On April 28, President Biden announced his latest legislative proposal, The American Families Plan (AFP). It’s a bold and transformative effort to help the country recover from the coronavirus and recession. The AFP would target resources to many of those who need them most: people with low incomes, communities of color, and children who have been disproportionately harmed by the coronavirus, recession, and years of underinvestment. The plan would directly impact people with low incomes in many ways, here’s a summary of our top-10 provisions.

Introducing: The Voices for Human Needs Podcast
May 13, 2021

We at the Coalition on Human Needs advocate for ending poverty and alleviating social and economic hardship for people with low-incomes and other vulnerable populations through federal policies, but we know we can’t do it alone. That is why we are introducing our new project: the Voices for Human Needs Podcast. This podcast will serve as a go-to resource for both new and experienced activists in their journey fighting alongside organizers, communities, and policy advocates. 

As activists gather, state legislators continue to advance attacks on voting 
May 7, 2021

On Saturday, voting  rights advocates will gather, in-person or online, in more than 100 communities throughout the country to mark the “National John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day.” The actions could not be more timely. Across the country, state legislatures continue to advance barriers to voting, spurred in part by what many are calling the “Big Lie” — the oft-refuted notion that the November 2020 elections were replete with error and fraud. 

CHN: President Biden’s American Jobs Plan focuses on infrastructure and economic recovery
April 19, 2021
Following the March enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act, a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that’s already helping Americans, President Biden released his American Jobs Plan, a “once-in-a-generation investment” in infrastructure and economic recovery. The $2.3 trillion package includes funding for both physical infrastructure and the human infrastructure that…
CHN: Biden Administration’s FY22 budget blueprint invests in education, health, and housing
April 19, 2021
On April 9, the Biden Administration released a summary of its $1.5 trillion budget request for annually-appropriated programs for the government’s Fiscal Year 2022, which begins on October 1. In topline numbers, the blueprint calls for $769 billion in non-defense (domestic and international) annually-appropriated spending, also known as non-defense discretionary…
CHN: Congress averts Medicare cuts but punts on other cuts to come
April 19, 2021
The House passed and President Biden signed into law last week a bill to avert billions of dollars in Medicare cuts during the pandemic. The bill, H.R. 1868, extends a pause on an automatic 2 percent cut to Medicare payments to medical providers through the end of the year. The…
CHN: Senate advances measure combatting Asian American – Pacific Islander discrimination
April 19, 2021
As crimes and incidents of harassment against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders soar, the Senate last week advanced legislation to strengthen federal efforts to address the hate. Last Wednesday, the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act cleared a technical hurdle on a 92-to-6 vote, with six Republican senators voting in opposition: Senators…

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