CHN: Budget resolution provides blueprint for our nation’s future 


August 12, 2021

In the early hours of Wednesday, August 11, the U.S. Senate voted along party lines in favor of a budget resolution that CHN said “provides a blueprint for our nation’s future that will do unprecedented good for the vast majority of Americans.” 

CHN, in a letter addressed to members of the Senate, said the legislation “will significantly raise living standards and economic security for most of us. Your vote for it is a vote for more opportunity, dramatically less poverty, and a growing middle class.” 

CHN said the budget resolution, combined with the physical infrastructure investments approved on a bipartisan vote the day before, “will provide millions of jobs with good pay and will improve people’s lives by saving them money on their health care, child care, housing and other expenses.” 

“In addition to greater earnings from the new jobs created, families with 90 percent of America’s children will see rising incomes through the increased Child Tax Credit,” CHN’s letter states. “Those who are aging and people with disabilities will be more able to secure home care. Immigrants who have risked their lives in frontline jobs during the pandemic, often taken advantage of because of their insecure status, will be able to contribute more with the help of the legal status made possible through this budget. From pre-school through college, the budget allows for investments that will enable our students to thrive.” 

CHN praised Senators for defeating an amendment to the budget resolution that would have added more than $50 billion in Pentagon spending. “Our military does not need more funds,” CHN said. “It needs to stop wasting our resources on military contractors that are not providing us with cost-effective equipment that actually serves our security needs. 

“We know that millions of Americans have struggled before the pandemic, and experienced more hardships during the pandemic,” CHN’s letter concludes. “The budget resolution before you can jump-start real progress in their lives, and in our future.” 

You can read CHN’s letter in its entirety here.